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Eleiko Weightlifting Level 1

Coaching, Performance and Programming

Eleiko Weightlifting Level 1

Eleiko Weightlifting Level 1

Our two-day course is designed to up-skill coaches in the areas of coaching, technical movement, and programming for weightlifting

Eleiko Weightlifting Level One introduces participants to the weightlifting movements (snatch and clean & jerk) along with back, front and overhead squats. It also introduces fundamentals that are required to build basic weightlifting training programmes and/or incorporate weightlifting into traditional programming.

Why is this course
the best in it's field?

You will develop a deep understanding and practical application of effective instruction, cueing and feedback for weightlifting movements. The Eleiko Coaching System provides a simple and effective process utilizing stance, grip, position and action to instruct proper lifting technique. Utilizing this system will give you the tools you need to progress a novice or advanced lifter through proper progressions of the major lifts.

You will develop technical proficiency in the snatch, clean & jerk, front and overhead squats. The Eleiko Performance System creates the framework for you to systematically spot, adjust and correct movement compensations. Utilizing this system will give you the ability to manipulate positions and actions of the major lifts to meet the ability of the client/athlete.

You will develop a thought process that helps you create long and short-term programmes related to any client’s/athlete’s ability and/or goal. The Eleiko Programming System teaches you to manipulate the acute variables of a programme to achieve the desired outcome. Utilizing this system will help you track and manage client/athlete stress through effective program creation and adjustment.

Goals of this Course

  • Technical development and proficiency
  • The Eleiko Coaching System
  • Practical application of each lift
  • Time to develop your "coach's eye "
  • The practice of effective coaching cues
  • Understanding of stress, recovery and programming

Who profits
from this course?

  • Coaches looking to improve their technique as a lifter and a coach
  • University students planning on a career in training, coaching, or strength and conditioning
  • Functional fitness, sport performance, and strength and conditioning coaches
  • Personal trainers