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Experienced Educators, Accomplished Athletes and Passionate Teachers

Our team is a diverse blend of world-class instructors who are experienced educators, accomplished athletes, active sport scientists, and university professors.

They have successfully coached Olympic champion weightlifters, national champions in many sports, and thousands of successful athletes from age 7 to 70. They are accomplished competitors and hold graduate and doctoral degrees, teach university exercise and sport science courses, publish books, and write articles in top peer-reviewed journals. Most importantly, our instructors are expert educators and cutting-edge scientists who are passionate about what they do and eager to share their knowledge and experience.

Meet The Team

Anders Lindsjö

Walter Skeppar

Peter Konradsson

Lisette Lindsjö

Jacob Gudiol

Olympic Lifting School

Johan Arnerlind

Mikael Durenius

Andreas Wass Byfeldt

Nils Wallfält

Thor Larsen

Daniel Kapijimpanga

Martin Altemark

Jeremy Regensburg

Mathias Stene

Rich Kite

Sam Pullen

Adam Warwicker

Ryan Lateward

Craig Spicer

Aaron Levi

Adam Timm

Bret Crowe

Colten Pearce

Craig Rintoul

Jay Schultz

Michael Bloomer

Joel Anderson

Eric Miner

Felix Glauner

Stijepan Sucic

Naama Chezar

Marcos Rosales

Ira Wallace

Oscar Björk

Michael Björk

Rodney Corn

Patrick Wormel