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Eleiko Education

Grundat i tekniken. Bevisat i praktiken.

“Vårt uppdrag är att integrera världens bästa utrustning, utbildning och expertis för att skapa en starkare värld.”

Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO



Education Team

Eleikos inlärningssystem

Learning is the process of acquiring new information, behaviors and/or skills. The Eleiko Learning system has combined a comprehensive learning design along with instructional design to deliver the most engaging learner-centric experience available for weightlifting, powerlifting and hybrid strength training. Our Learning System is grounded in the Science of Education delivered for the practitioner of strength training. The curriculum is competency based such that the participants can implement the skills and knowledge immediately to increase success of their athletes, clients and members.

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Eleiko raises the bar for education delivering an array of programs effectively combining in-depth written course content with a hands-on emphasis on lifting proficiency, program development, and becoming a better coach. The offerings range from multi-day Eleiko trainer courses to workshops addressing specific areas of strength training such as powerlifting and olympic weightlifting.